View Full Version : Triple weekend November 17th-20th 2017

21-02-2017, 10:56 AM
As you may be aware the Triple Ender is no more , we had 3 good years but due to dwindling support it couldn't continue in it`s original format .
It will however still carry on but will be called the Triple Weekend ! we will be using the entertainment put on by the site with the Viking Bar as the designated venue for the Saturday night .
booking can be done over the phone on 01243606080 and their website is www.bunnleisure.co.uk (http://www.bunnleisure.co.uk/) , when booking mention that you are with the HDRCGB for a discount on the caravan and also a waiver on the fee charged for a specific caravan if required .
Although the name is similar to the Triple Ender it is no longer organised by the Three regions associated with that name and is intended as a get together for like minded people who were keen for the weekend to continue in one way or another.