View Full Version : You're unsure if/when your auto-renewal will go out of your paypal account?

30-12-2017, 03:59 PM
I'm getting a few people asking if they set up auto-renewal last year. You can check this yourself, and it saves me lots of time. You'll also be able to confirm if you've set it up this year.

1/ Log into your Paypal account.

2/ Click on the "My Account" tab.

3/ Click on the "My Profile" tab.

4/ Click on the "My Money" tab.

5/ See the "My pre-approved payments" section? Click on "Update" alongside it.

You'll see:

Harley Davidson Riders of Great Britain and alongside it the description Automatic Membership. It says when you started it, and if it's still active. If it's active, you payment will be taken from your Paypal account on the anniversary of your first payment, and will go on until you cancel the recurring payment.

BE WARNED: If your paypal is funded from your credit card, and it has expired, and you haven't updated it in paypal, it won't get sent from your account to ours and your membership will lapse, and that'll be your fault, not ours.

If you wish to cancel your automatic renewal subscription:

6/ To cancel your automatic renewal, click on "Harley Davidson Riders of Great Britain". That takes you to the subscription page.

7/ Click the "Cancel" link (top left of page).

8/ Agree to the box that opens in the next window.

Voila. Your automatic /recurring payment/subscription is cancelled.

There's one thing about this, of course. You'll need to check the correct Paypal account. One of our esteemed members has his paid from his wife's account. Clever, but only if he remembered and didn't set up a second payment from his own account.