View Full Version : M8 oil issue 'Transmission Oil Deflector Kit'

11-06-2018, 02:40 PM
On the same issue as the oil migration from transmission to primary thread...I would like to share a story about the 'band-aid' fix the MoCo came out with for the issue.

They have a Transmission Oil Deflector Kit, part number 36300028, which Chester HD and Newmarket HD were selling briefly in the UK as a MoCo 'fix'. I heard about it earlier this year from one of the HDforum.com threads I am following. I Googled the part number and found the official HD Instruction leaflet (J06703 31-01-2018) and downloaded a copy, thinking my problem was over. The forums were awash with the news and I was delighted...only to be drowned with the flood of "...it does not work...avoid it..." threads. A few days later the MoCo took down all references to this part number. If you Google you will not find it.

Anyways, Guildford HD told me what they had found last week and I told them this series of events and even forwarded the official HD Instruction leaflet because they could not find it! Obviously the MoCo really did take it down...even from their dealers!

Despite me telling my dealer NOT to install the kit, they ordered one from HD Europe and installed it on my bike. I was not happy and refused to pick the bike up. I went to the International on my Honda horrified instead. I am now having further discussions with solicitors and the Dealer Principal, who I meet this week.

I will document what happens and share my experiences for anyone else who has the problem or finds out they have the problem...as to the actions I have taken and will take.

Hope it helps someone...