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Deep Thought
04-12-2007, 04:19 PM
Hi everyone,
After assistance please.
A mate of mine is looking at a XB9 Firebolt on a '52 plate with 4k miles.
Any problems or issues to look out for?
Any comments or reviews from owners?
Thanks for your time.

04-12-2007, 11:03 PM
I have one on an 04 plate, bought it new and have done just over 17,000 miles on it. Had a race kit fitted from new, which makes it sound like a Harley (sorry, Buell!) should.

I also had the lower footrests from a Lightning fitted, which eases the strain on my elderly hip-joints, then took the silly spikes off. They reduce ground clearance (I am not brave enough to have ever touched it down), but worst still catch your legs while moving the bike around, such as in and out of the garage.

The real essential is Traction handlebar grips, which are barrel shaped and transform comfort in my view. The bike rides beautifully, goes well in any gear and on a run will easily give over 60mpg. I haven't had that sort of economy from a bike since I owned British singles, many years ago!

A further consideration is that early models, including mine, had useless mirrors. Later models had longer arms which clear your elbows (unless you are very streamlined!) and I fitted a pair to mine. They were around £20 each.

I have just realised you are after issues! None with mine. It was fitted with a replacement rear disc at its first service, which the dealer was quite quiet about, something to do with being cracked. I suspect it was common with that model. Other than servicing (oil changes every 2,500 miles) and one pair of tyres (I use Bridgestones, not super sticky ones) it has not required any attention.

If you remove the rear wheel, such as to get a new tyre fitted, it is a huge palaver to get the ***** wheel out. I challenge anyone to do it on the roadside! I have a rear paddock stand, which is also a convenient way of parking it. Choose your stand carefully, as it needs to be quite wide and mine is at its maximum width.

I am so pleased with it that having discovered the Firebolt is not being imported any more I am going to have the last XB12R off my local dealer's floor, while it still has an attractive price on it!

So if anyone is interested in buying it soon (otherwise it will get part-chopped) send me a pm.