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Old 22-01-2010, 10:19 AM
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Talking Bobsled runner Gillian Cooke splits her spandex

YouTube - Funny: Bobsled runner Gillian Cooke splits her spandex

Gill, the British butt of internet jokes
Wardrobe malfunctions tend to be of the boring peek-a-boob variety. Whitney Houston's dress strap coming awry during an X Factor performance; Zara Phillips climbing into something 'edgy' for a royal event.
Now, however, a British bobsleigher has raised the bar, in more ways than one.
Hail Gill Cooke, who split her aerodynamic skin suit at the World Championships in Switzerland this week.

Split-timing: Gill Cooke's suit blunder
The incident - already an internet sensation - was a truly wondrous sight. Gill stretched backwards in her skin-tight bobsleigh outfit and bang! Out popped her bot, like a bad moon rising, revealing her black thong.
A black thong! Well, I never. I imagined all female bobsleighers wore a pair of Alp-sized big pants; some kind of wraparound, five-ply, thermal Spanx numbers that could double up as pipe lagging in an emergency.
You just never can tell, can you, about the next person's lingerie?
Worst of all, unknowing Gill had to then bend down and push her glorified toboggan down a hill. The last thing a girl needed, in the circs.
Cooke, originally from Edinburgh, is the brakes woman for the bobsleigh, which is driven by Sheffield-based Nicola Minichello.
In true sporting spirit, she has kept a sense of humour about the mishap, writing on her website that at least the whole world had seen the 'power of a bobsleigh butt'.
She added: 'If it made us go faster, I'd do it every time!' Woo hoo! You go downhill, girl. Just try to keep your pants on when you do.
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Old 22-01-2010, 10:28 AM
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Re: Bobsled runner Gillian Cooke splits her spandex

Love the blokes faces sweeping at the back when they start off

1997 FXDL
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