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Old 08-06-2005, 08:28 AM
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Thumbs up Starter Clutches: H-D Equivalent from your local Toyota/Nissan dealers

Evo starter motor made by nippondenso, internals same as starters on some toyota commercials.
If you ever need to replace the starter drive, the part no is : sdv 38743, or nippon o.e.m.
no : 0283010010.
About £24 from your local motorfactors. if you want it with harley d. On the box you'll pay about
£90 for the identical part.

STARTER SOLENOID REBUILD KIT Kit Numbers 31603-91, 31604-91, 31605-90, and 31608-90
You can get starter clutches for a Toyota Camry.
Part # is 4 - 1036 brand is Accurate, but there are others.
You can replace HD part # 31558-90 and 31558-94

While we're on the subject of starters, did you know that if you need a new starter clutch you can go down
to any starter rebuilder shop and purchase the clutch gear complete with the two bearings for about £25.
The dealer wants about £110.
Its the same part that is manufactured by a company called WAI. The part # is 54-82401.
The harley starter is a nippondenso starter that is used on 1990-2002 chevys, chryslers, acura, dodge, geo,
honda, isuzu, lexus, plymouth, toyota....

Evo and Twin Cam starter clutches the cheap way

From Toyota auto dealer the part # is 54-82401. the Harley starter is a Nippondenso starter that is used on 1990-2002 Chevy’s, Chryslers, Acura, dodge, geo, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Plymouth, Toyota. Just take your clutch with you and ask the parts people to pull a starter clutch for one of the above listed cars and see it it matches yours. It comes with the "gear clutch" unit and two bearing's, one on each end. If you look at the gear, on the inside where the shaft goes, you will
see several roller bearings which are spring loaded and ride on a wedge like race. That is what allows it to grab in one direction and slip when the engine starts.
. NAPA #: 4-1071
(Ref. Num. 54-82401)
Clutch Assembly
CW, 10-SPL

92 - 98 Toyota Corolla/Celica /Camry

Nippondenso OSGR starter

WAI number 54-82401

Quote from a USA website:
Fitted this part to my '03 FXST a few years ago. Cheaper than going through H-D and paying mega-$ for a cardboard box.

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