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Old 27-03-2012, 10:50 AM
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Jiffy Stand Switch bypass

Some international models have a 3 wire solid state switch to detect when the stand is up or down. Unlike the old two wire models, they cannot just be shorted across. In fact doing so may damage the circuitry. To register the stand up, Pin 56 of the ECM needs to detect a voltage of between 1.65 to 2.47v. Any higher and it assumes the stand is down. Any lower is a fault condition.

By wiring two resistors (shown below) across a 3 pin Molex plug and replacing the jiffy stand sensor plug with the new one, 2v will permanently be applied to the ECM simulating a 'stand up' situation. The two resistors can be bought for 26p each from Maplin electronics
Order Code: M3M3, 3M3 Resistor, 0.6W
Order Code: M4M7, 4M7 Resistor, 0.6W
The 4.7M resistor should be connected from pin 1 to pin 2 of the connector and the 3.3M from pin 2 to pin 3.

This information is provided for educational purposes only, I am not advocating that a safety feature should be bypassed. Any injury or damage is your own responsibility.
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Old 27-03-2012, 05:15 PM
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Re: Jiffy Stand Switch bypass

Thanks for that Roger.

I'll get one made up as a spare, or in case I come across some unfortunate soul, stranded at the roadside with yet another bad case of H&S overkill.
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Old 23-08-2012, 07:28 PM
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Re: Jiffy Stand Switch bypass

I've just had the side stand sensor go bad on my 2010 Fat Bob.

Symptoms were that I'd get a scrolling message on the console saying "Side Stand" when the bike got soaked riding in heavy rain. The first couple of times it fixed itself when it dried out but this last time I was getting the same message the next day.

First useful bit of info: Pressing the console button (the black knob) once gets rid of the message until you restart the bike. Kinda handy if you want to see the clock or the range display, which the scrolling message hides.

So, I started digging around for a fix and, because this sensor is only on the non-US (HDI) models, the info was patchy.

One fix I found was to replace the ECM. With the ECM at 350 plus a trip needed to the dealer for them to use their diagnosis tool to marry the ECM to the bike, I thought stuff that.

Just by dead luck Chester HD had a new kickstand and sensor on eBay buy-now at 10! Which was bloody amazing cos a sensor alone is usually 58+VAT+P&P. So that's on its way and I may fit it.

In the mean time I decided to try Roger's eliminator trick above. Unfortunately it just didn't work on my bike. Dunno why, his is a 2011 Dyna and mine a 2010, so they maybe fixed it with a different sensor in between.

Anyway, a bit more digging around and I found a Brazilian guy who posted about just putting a 1K resistor between the ground wire (BK/GN) and the Jiffy Stand Sensor wire (GN/BN) (i.e. between pins 2&3) instead of the sensor. Tried this and it worked!

So if you have the problem or just want to get rid of a useless sensor then it might be worth trying this.

I have the resistor jammed into the socket and covered with tape at the moment. When the new sensor arrives I'm going to use the plug off the old one and make a proper soldered job of it.
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Old 05-01-2014, 03:21 PM
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Re: Jiffy Stand Switch bypass

I can vouch for the 1k working across pins 2 and 3 on a 2010 Sportster 883 Iron.
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