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Thread: Any information and problems

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    Rod Bod Guest

    Re: Any information and problems

    Had my 'Rod from new in 2003, done 30,000 miles, and still think it looks as good as when I bought it - it seems quite small on the road next to other cruisers, but nothing comes close for looks. Engine & brakes are superbike quality, suspension lets it down cornering hard though. Rear seat is not really long term pillion-friendly. At 5ft 9 I had new seats fitted and pulled back the pegs which make the riding position perfect for an all day blat. The fuel tank on early 'Rods is only good for 100 miles, and the fuel guage on a lot of 'Rods takes a dive at half full point before rising again like a phoenix. I find the small digi mileometer hard to read in bright sunlight,
    The 'Rod is not too much trouble to simply sponge over, but like any Harley it looks its best after a good polish. The solid wheels need a wipe over after a good ride to remove brake dust, and can be a problem at speed in high winds eg. passing lorries on motorway journeys, the bike tends to get moved off course, but not savagely and its usually predictable. The long wheel base and high gearing mean riding at walking pace is a challenge, specially with a non-attentive passenger who shifts their weight just before coming to a stop.
    But these aren't niggles, this all adds to the bike's character. When you get to know your V-Rod you'll find it is a Harley with plenty of soul.

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    ManxMuscle Guest

    Re: Any information and problems

    My first, and current, harley is the 2009 muscle having converted from a vfr800.

    Regrets . . . . none what so ever !

    It goes like stink, has the brakes to stop an elephant and has been nothing but reliable.
    And I look good on it !! :60277EB7B04744289C0

    As has already been said, the fuel gauge is an indication that it's getting towards the bottom of the tank. It was suggested by the dealer when I questioned it that if I ran it dry, it might get the gauge to reset. Yeah, that was 3 years ago, maybe one day I'll do it.

    The only thing piece of advice I would give you is to make sure the axles are greased. The first time I had to get some new tyres, they found that the axles had pretty much siezed. I've been told this is common, but worth mentioning anyway.

    And finally, remember that you only have 12 credit points on your license and the way vrods move, they're easily used up.

    Enjoy !

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