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    Reg 26

    Any one still in R26? Seen a few HD's around the area, just hoping they are R26 bikers or just travelling through area. Not much happening in the R26 area on the web site.

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    Re: Reg 26

    Hi Iain, I answered your similar post way back at the start of the year in the hope we might be able to meet up with you somewhere :wink:

    That offer still stands if you fancy a wee balst doon the borders somewhere soon :60277EB7B04744289C0
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    Re: Reg 26

    Iain I'm in Biggar .. so not far ... happy to meet up mate!
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    Re: Reg 26

    Got family in Dumfries and Lochmaben, visit them once or twice a month mate, also happy to meet up.

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