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    Regional Details

    Hi and Welcome to Anglia's corner of the forum

    i'm PMK and I'm your regional rep. If you have a question or a suggestion then I can be contacted on 07778 765407 or

    I'm aided and abetted by my Assistant Reps

    Mick on the East side
    Kev on the West side

    We have 2 meets a month. We welcome everyone whether you are a member or not. If you are a new member please come along and say hello, we'll only make you buy the beers once.....after you've washed the bikes.

    The FIRST FRIDAY of the Month is at The East Harling Sports and Social Club and is hosted by Mick

    Pub details

    East Harling Sports and Social Club
    Church Road
    East Harling
    NR16 2NB

    The THIRD TUESDAY sees us at The Three Horseshoes in Comberton. I'm usually there as is Maff

    Pub details

    The Three Horseshoes
    22 South Street
    CB23 7DZ

    We have a range of Tshirts etc which you can here http://www.harley-davidson-hangout.c...l-T-shirts-etc

    We also have a Facebook presence if you do that too, look here

    Events are normally listed on the calendar here when I remember to update it
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