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Thread: Really useful connector part numbers

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    Post Really useful connector part numbers

    There have been several posts regarding HD connectors and there does not seem to be a central resource to find out part number cross references etc anywhere on line. I thought I would give it a go and start to put together a single thread which has all the information in one place. I cannot grantee 100% accuracy but I have compiled the information from a number of sources. The plan is to evolve the data as new information is discovered. Its also slightly complicated by the way HD number individual components rather than complete kits of parts, also there descriptions are not consistent so I have used a standard descriptive form. Anyhow here goes for now....

    AMP/Tyco Mate-N-Lock (1971-1995)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	housing.jpg 
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Size:	9.6 KB 
ID:	26938

    AMP/Tyco Mate-N-Lok terminals

    72039-71 Pin... 163305-2
    72038-71 Socket... 163304-2

    Mate-N-Lock connector housings

    HD part number…. AMP/Tyco part number
    72043-71 Pin housing 1-way... 1-480349-0 Receptacle
    72044-71 Socket housing 1-way... 1-480350-0 Plug
    72034-71 Pin housing 2-way... 1-480318-0 Receptacle
    72035-71 socket housing 2-way... 1-480319-0 Plug
    72036-71 Pin housing 3 way... 1-480303-0 Receptacle
    72040-71 Socket housing 3-way... 1-480305-0 Plug
    70292-89 Pin housing 4-way... 1-480424-0 Receptacle
    70291-89 Socket housing 4-way... 1-480426-0 Plug
    72037-71 Pin housing 6-way... 1-480270-0 Socket
    72041-71 Socket housing 6-way... 1-480340-0 plug
    70287-81 Pin housing 8-way... 1-480283-0 Receptacle
    70288-81 Socket housing 8-way... 1-480345-0 Plug
    70293-87 Pin housing 10-way... 1-480285-0 Receptacle
    70305-90 Socket housing 10-way... 1-480339-0 Plug
    72278-74 Pin housing 12 way... 1-480287-0 Receptacle
    72276-74 Socket housing 12 way... 1-480288-0 Plug

    AMP/Tyco Multilock (070)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	amp-multilock-070-4pin-female.jpg 
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Size:	21.2 KB 
ID:	26933

    AMP/Tyco Multilock terminals
    Pins are flat and 1.8mm wide

    73190-96 Pin... 173645-1
    73191-96 Socket... 173631-1

    Multilock connector housings

    HD part number.... Amp/Tyco part number
    73102-96BK Pin housing 2-way... 174460-2 Receptacle
    73152-96BK Socket housing 2-way... 174463-2 Plug
    73103-96BK Pin housing 3-way... 174928-2 Receptacle
    73153-96BK Socket housing 3-way... 174921-2 Plug
    73104-96BK Pin housing 4-way... 174929-2 Receptacle
    73154-96BK Socket housing 4-way... 174922-2 Plug
    73106-96BK Pin housing 6-way... 174930-2 Receptacle
    73156-96BK Socket housing 6-way... 174923-2 Plug
    73108-96BK Pin housing 8-way... 174931-2 Receptacle
    73158-96BK Socket housing 8-way... 173850-2 Plug
    73110-96BK Pin housing 10 way... 174932-2 Receptacle
    73160-96BK Socket housing 10 way... 174465-2 Plug

    Multilock video tutorial (parts 1&2)

    AMP/Tyco Mini Multilock (040)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	amp-mini-multilock.jpg 
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Size:	15.6 KB 
ID:	26934

    Mini Multilock terminals
    Pins are flat and 1mm wide

    72990-01 pin... 175063-1
    72991-01 socket... 175062-1

    Mini Multilock connector housings

    HD part number.... AMP/Tyco part number
    72902-01BK Pin housing 2-way... 174057-2 Receptacle
    72912-01BK Socket housing 2-way... 174056-2 Plug
    72904-01BK Pin housing 4-way... 174967-2 Receptacle
    72914-01BK Socket housing 4-way... 174966-2 Plug

    Deutsch series

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Deutsch.jpg 
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Size:	11.4 KB 
ID:	26935

    Deutsch terminals

    HD part number ....Deutsch part number
    72693-06 Pin... 1060-16-0122 (U-barrel crimp)
    72192-98 pin... 0460-202-16141 (radial crimp)
    72694-06 Socket... 1062-16-0122 (U-barrel crimp)
    72193-98 Socket... 0462-201-16141 (radial crimp)
    72195-94 seal pin... 114017

    Radial crimp pins can are difficult to crimp without special tools but can be easily soldered.

    Pin removal tool DT-RT1

    Deutsch connector housing (Black series)

    HD part number....Deutsch part number
    72102-94BK Pin housing 2-way... DT04-2P-E005 Receptacle
    72112-94BK socket housing 2-way... DT06-2S-EP06 Plug
    72103-94BK Pin housing 3-way... DT04-3P-E005 Receptacle
    72113-94BK Socket housing 3-way... DT06-3S-EP06 Plug
    72104-94BK Pin housing 4-way... DT04-4P-E005 Receptacle
    72114-94BK Socket housing 4-way... DT06-4S-EP06 Plug
    72106-94BK Pin housing 6-way... DT04-6P-E005 Receptacle
    72116-94BK Socket housing 6-way... DT06-6S-EP06 Plug
    72108-94BK Pin housing 8-way... DT04-08PA-E005 Receptacle
    72118-94BK Socket housing 8-way... DT06-08SA-EP08 Plug
    72109-94BK Pin housing 12-way... DT04-12PA-E005 Receptacle
    72119-94BK Socket housing 12-way DT06-12SA-EP08 Plug

    Deutsch connector housing (Grey series)

    HD part number ....Deutsch part number
    72122-94GY Pin Housing 2-way... DT04-2P Receptacle
    72132-94GY Socket housing 2-way... DT06-2S Plug
    72123-94GY Pin Housing 3-way... DT04-3P Receptacle
    72133-94GY Socket housing 3-way... DT06-3S Plug
    72124-94GY Pin Housing 4-way... DT04-4P Receptacle
    72134-94GY Socket housing 4-way... DT06-4S Plug
    72126-94GY Pin housing 6-way... DT04-6P Receptacle
    72136-94GY Socket housing 6-way... DT06-6S Plug
    72128-94GY Pin Housing 8-way... DT04-08PA Receptacle
    72138-94GY Socket housing 8-way... DT06-08SA Plug
    72129-94GY Pin Housing 12-way... DT04-12PA Receptacle
    72139-94GY Socket housing 12-way... DT06-12SA Plug

    Deutsch video tutorials

    Molex MX150

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Molex 150.jpg 
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Size:	30.2 KB 
ID:	26937

    Molex MX150 terminals

    HD part number .... Molex part number
    72168-07 Socket... 33012-1003 (to suit 18-20g wire)
    72272-07 Socket... 33012-1002 (to suit 16g wire)
    72169-07 Pin... 33000-1002 (to suit 16g wire)
    72473-07 seal pin... 34345-0001

    Molex MX150 housings

    HD part number .... Molex part number
    72512-07BK Pin housing 3-way... 33471-0301 Receptacle, Black
    72511-07BK Socket housing 3-way... 33481-0301 Plug, Black
    72514-07GY Pin housing 3-way... 33471-0302 Receptacle, Grey
    72513-07GY Socket housing 3-way... 33481-0302 Plug, Grey
    72542-07BN Pin housing 3-way... 33471-0303 Receptacle, Brown
    72541-07BN Socket housing 3-way... 33481-0303 Plug, Brown
    72540-07GN Pin housing 3-way... 33471-0304 Receptacle, Green
    72534-07GN Socket housing 3-way... 33481-0304 Plug, Green
    72177-07BK Pin housing 4-way... 33472-0401 Receptacle, Black
    72175-07BK Socket housing 4-way... 33482-0401 Plug, Black
    72444-07GY Pin housing 4-way... 33472-0402 Receptacle, Grey
    72414-07BK Pin housing 6-way... 33472-0601 Receptacle, Black
    72188-07BK Socket housing 6-way... 33482-0601 Plug, Black
    72479-07BK Pin housing 8-way... 33472-0801 Receptacle, Black
    72478-07BK Socket housing 8-way... 33482-0801 Plug, Black
    72469-07GY Pin housing 8-way... 33472-0802 Receptacle, Grey
    72447-07GY Socket housing 8-way... 33482-0802 Plug, Grey
    72487-07BK Pin housing 12-way... 33472-1201 Receptacle, Black
    72488-07BK Socket housing 12-way... 33482-1201 Plug, Black
    72489-07GY Pin housing 12-way... 33472-1202 Receptacle, Grey
    72490-07GY Socket housing 12-way... 33482-1203 Plug, Grey
    72166-07BK Pin housing 16-way... 33472-1601 Receptacle, Black
    72167-07BK Socket housing 16-way... 33482-1601 Plug, Black
    72491-07GY Pin housing 16-way... 33472-1602 Receptacle, Grey
    72492-07GY Socket housing 16-way... 33482-1602 Plug, Grey
    72500-07BK Pin housing 20-way... 33472-2001 Receptacle, Black

    Molex video tutorial

    JAE MX19 (Harley CAN BUS)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jae mx19.jpg 
Views:	197 
Size:	31.5 KB 
ID:	26936

    JAE MX19 terminals

    72910-11 socket... MX19S10K451
    72909-11 Pin... MX19P10K451

    JAE MX19 Housings

    HD part number…. JAE part number
    72906-11 Socket housing 2-way... MX19002S51 Plug
    72905-11 Pin housing 2-way... MX19002P51 Receptacle
    72908-11 Socket Housing 4-way... MX19004S51 Plug
    72907-11 Pin housing 4-way... MX19004P51 Receptacle

    JAE video tutorial

    Miscellaneous connectors

    AMP superseal
    Terminals 282465-1 pin, 282566-1 Socket
    72007-05... 282080-1 fits O2 sensor (Mating part to 282080-1 = 282104-1)
    72012-07... 282089-1 fits Active exhaust sensor (Mating part to 282089-1 = 282107-1)

    72064-06... 15336029-B fits speed sensor
    72066-06... 15354716-B fits coil, idle speed sensor, fuel pump
    72065-06... 13532244 fits throttle position sensor
    72230-98... 12129946-B fits map sensor
    72098-06... 15419715 fits Fuel injector -06 on
    72062-06... 15336027-B fits intake air temperature sensor

    EFI connectors (95-05)

    Delphi Metri-Pack Fuel injector connector
    72244-95 Socket housing... 12129142
    72326-95 Socket... 12077939

    Alternative generic part Bosch EV1, 2 pin injector connector.

    72326-95 is also used in some Harley fuse boxes as a socket for the mini fuses along with 72434-00 (AMP.Tyco part number 282189-2).

    Ring terminals

    9826 16-20g fits 5/16 stud
    9840 12-14g fits #10 stud (0.190")
    9856 16-22g fits #6 stud (0.138")
    9857 16-22g fits #10 stud (0.190")
    9858 16-20g fits 1/4 stud
    9859 16-22g fits 5/16 stud
    9860 16-22g fits 3/8 stud
    9862 14-16g fits #10 stud (0.190")
    9863 14-16g fits 1/4 stud
    9864 14-16g fits 5/16 stud
    9866 10-12g fits #10 stud (0.190")
    9868 10-12g fits 5/16 stud
    9871 14-16g fits #6 stud (0.138")
    9902 14-16g fits #10 stud (0.190")
    9926 14-16g fits 5/16 stud
    9945 10-12g fits 5/16 stud
    72254-94 14-16g fits 1/4 stud
    72525-01 12-14g 3/8 stud (serated form)
    72532-02 fits 3/8 stud
    69200536 12-14g
    9861 16-22g slotted to fit #10 (0.190")

    Spade terminals

    9875 5/16 female 16-22g
    9904 1/8 female 16-20g
    9930 3/16 female
    9931 3/16 female 16-20g
    9914 1/4 female
    9918 1/4 female 14-16g
    9907 1/4 female insulated
    9901 5/32 female flag
    9925 1/4 female flag type 16-18g
    9898 1/4 female flag type insulated (used on horn)
    71774-77 flag insulator
    70584-69 flag insulator
    9852 1/4 male 45 degree

    Circuit Beakers

    HD part number... Standard part numbers (old,new)... Bussmann equivalent part number
    Stud type
    74589-73 15 Amp ... MC-CBR3, BR29 ... CBC15
    74599-77 30 Amp ... MC-CBR2, BR33 ... CBC30
    74600-94 50 Amp ... MC-CBR1, BR31 ... CBC50
    74600-97 40 Amp ... MC-CBR7, BR36 ... CBC40
    74586-70 30 Amp ... XX-XXXX, XXXX ... CBC30B (has mounting tags)

    Blade type
    74587-94 15 Amp ... XX-XXXX, BR32 ... XXXXX

    Oil pressure switch

    HD part number ... Standard Automotive Products part number
    26552-72 ... MC1801
    26554-77 ... MC1802
    26561-84 ... MC1803
    26561-99 ... MC1804

    Brush sets

    HD part number ... Standard Motor Products part number
    30426-58 ... MC2309

    Starter Relay TC models (2000-2011) V-ROD (2007-2011)
    31522-00B ... Durite 0-728-13, Standard Motor Products MC-RLY5,

    Suggested wire sizes based on continuous load for standard multicore wire,
    14 gauge (2.0mm sq) 15 Amps
    16 gauge (1.3mm sq) 7 Amps
    18 gauge (0.82mm sq) 5 Amps
    20 gauge (0.5mm sq) 3 Amps

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled.jpg 
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Size:	15.8 KB 
ID:	29053

    For lighting 1 watt = 0.07 Amps so a single 21W bulb takes 21x0.07 = 1.47 Amps

    Volt drop calculator for calculating wire size. (maximum acceptable volt drop nomaly 3-4%)
    But remember the wire size has to be rated to the fuse it has to blow and not necessarily the continuous load.

    The format has been screwed up so if someone could reformat the layout I would appreciate it.
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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    Format looks perfect here, cheers.
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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    Looks fine to me

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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    When I posted it first it lost some of the formatting. I went back and manually edited again. I have some more info to add later.

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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    Flip Phil.

    Thanks for the effort, your a hero!

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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    Excellent reference, thanks Phil
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    Re: Really useful connector part numbers

    Great post and saved me money and time to find the likes of rs components stock the connectors.Molex MX150 - I watched the youtube video and the guy was almost correct in getting the male pins out.There is 2 large holes toward the middle of a 2 row plug that holds the male pins. This is a place to use long nosed pliers to pull it forward but not all the way out.Now by the pin is a 1mm hole that you insert a 1mm diameter pin. You push the pin as far in as it will go and then you will discover the wire can gently be pulled to extract the pin.I haven't tried on a socket yet.

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