Matty, did you get the conversion done in the end? I asked around & got a few opinions & decided to go for this on my yr 2000 883. Fatboyzdiner at Trowbridge did an excellent job, Phil gave me some good advice about the bike & knows what he's on about with big twins too. OK, I had a SuperTrapp 2 into 1 fitted at the same time but the combination of capacity & tuned exhaust really makes a serious difference. Keeping the lower 883 gearing adds to the acceleration benefits! Heading to the Drovers rally I was still running it in but the excellent 100 mile ride out they laid on finished running it in, felt ready to open up a lot more on the run home - it really ripped on those Welsh roads. Strangely, fuel economy seems to have improved too.In general, 883s sell cheaper than 1200s so spending the difference (or less if you're lucky) on a conversion makes sense to me. Remember to check with your insurance though; some companies don't get it.