Hello all. Let me first introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.
My real name is Ray Cooper, and seem to have been around this forum since forever!
I have been riding bikes since 1970 when I bought a BSA C15 for £40 including insurance! I moved on to various other British iron, including the usual smattering of other BSAs, including an M21 with ‘workman’s box’, Triumphs, and my last Brit was a Norton Commando 750.

I bought my first Harley in 1976, a brand new FLH. I have since had a 1981 Low rider, 194? WLC, 1982 FLT with Watsonian sidecar, 1965 XLCH, 1981 XLH, 1994 XLH, 1977 FLH, 1996 FLHT and finally I have the Servi-car. It is a 1952 G model, and is within a whisker of being on the road.
I have volunteered to be the three wheeler clerk as I feel there is a need to bring forward the forgotten workhorse of the Police departments of most U.S. cities. Of course they have been used for more than just that, and in fact during my research, have found out they have been used in such diverse places as on board aircraft carriers!
One of the first things I would like to do is start a register of Servi-cars, running or not, in bits or in rebuild. I have knowledge of at least 7 ½ in the club, but it would be nice to have an official listing. From what I gather from Paul Parslow, there is no register in the UK or even Europe, so we would hope to get the Federation on board and eventually have a list of the numbers.
I have not forgotten that this ‘job’ also includes trailers, trikes, towing and sidecars, but my knowledge of two of the above are limited by my complete lack of experience, although I have had the couple of outfits.
I have also been asked if I will be posting rules and regs and legal stuff about building trikes. As I mentioned earlier, I have no knowledge of these things, but, if anyone has the paperwork, or can point others in the right direction on the Web or elsewhere, please let me know and I will see what is about.
That is all for now.