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Thread: got me pipe down lol...

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    Tezza Guest

    Cool got me pipe down lol...

    All you Street 750 riders out there.... I found out today, whilst doing Whinlatter Pass. In a somewhat spirited manner, ho, um, that the very front of the exhaust guard touches down on right handers, shock haven't found the limit on the left side yet, though I suspect the side stand looks favourite lol
    I am totally enjoying, nay loving the Street what a bike, rides as if it's on rails. Anyone who has ever done the route between Castle Inn at Bassenthwaite and the roundabout at Keswick will know the bends I am talking about. The Street will do them with the throttle pinned in 4th SUBLIME experience. I'll wager the Street will out-handle a lot of sports bikes given the right circumstances and road !
    The Street 750 write up in the 'Quin, nice one Mr Parslow, whilst informative and well received by myself, didn't do the Street full justice, (it was after-all a loaner) It takes time and a few miles to really get to know a bike and Paul's perceived problems with the handling disappear once you get to know the bike better. Mind you he's 100% right about the seat and mirrors, shocking, but nowt that can't be fixed with a quick email to Revzilla in the US.

    That's all folks,
    Street 750, V&H comp pipe, Screaming Eagle performance air filter, long stem mirrors and a gel filled seat pad.

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    Re: got me pipe down lol...

    Thanks Terry, I am very happy to defer to your far more extensive experience ( especially as "my" demo bike may have had something that needed addressing?) and when I win the raffle bike I will be following your example with the improvements...

    (I would have liked to write more but it had to fit a page. Had many more photos as well but as you know the 'Quin has to be multiples of four sides so one has to either shorten by half a page or lengthen by three more! I had hoped the boat shot could have been a cover picture..)
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    Re: got me pipe down lol...

    Hi Tezza,
    yep I'm enjoying my Street just as much I live down in Surrey, I come off the M3 and if the lights are in favour you can nail it in 2nd and 3rd and do the sparky thing with the exhaust guard....grounding the sidestand lug is a sphincter loosening experience though as it lifts the whole bike....for me not

    Ride Safe....quick but safe,
    Chris Stevens.

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