£7 per person per night for Camping
£6 per person per morning for Breakfast
£15 per person per night for the Communal Timber Huts.
£20 per person per night for Communal Atlantic Lodges.

This will be £50 for the Firepit, I believe originally you sorted the wood out with our groundsman Nick. Here is his number if you need to contact him direct on 07990766298.

If you can take all the camping bookings, collect the money, names of the people etc then we will take the money off you on arrival. We will need to be notified regarding numbers etc. Previous years some people call us to pay for camping and there is some confusion. I think its best if all camping bookings go through one channel.

All food will need to be prebooked and finalised by 23rd November as we need to know how many people to cook for. Have you made a Facebook Event? If not I think this may be a good idea and a quick and easy way to post relevant information about the day.

Anyone who books through us needs to quote the Yule Tide Ride to get the discounted prices.

I hope all this information make sense and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I hope this helps and have a great day.


this is the email received today