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Thread: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

    To be fair to the hotel, I never experienced any great problems with them, in my time as RLO. This was why I was happy to continue with them and pass the location on. More problems were caused by last minute changes by our self's. There was a contract in place that I signed, so I would think that if they failed to deliver, we might have some redress.
    Obviously any theft of a bike and belongings is one too many, but I do echo Kev's remark. It's one thing trusting each other and actual, accountable members, quite a different thing writing stuff on social media and sharing it with ....who knows who. Personally I only post my locations to my friends list.
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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

    We tend to treat both the Club Website and the Facebook page as if they're open to Members only. But the reality is that both are open to a far wider group of people - some who are known but many others we have absolutely no idea who they are or even whether they're real people or not. The more you shout your whereabouts over the internet the more chance you have of attracting undesirables.

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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

    Quote Originally Posted by stevel View Post
    It's all a bit academic now but I think you'd have to have some big balls to see there is a harley event on somewhere and go there with the intention of stealing a bike when you have no idea how many people you'd be up against.
    Far more likely to be someone at the Hotel bar who saw an opportunity.
    Steve, whilst some of our members are indeed ugly enough to scare a police horse I'd hardly class them as intimidating.
    Much less involved.....

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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

    Oi, I resemble that remark!

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    Re: Paul Morgan Knight's Sporster stolen

    Always very sad to read about personal treasures being stolen by opportunist low life as they have no care about the damage they do mentally, let alone the immediate stress of loosing something very personal.

    It seems that as cars have become more secure and harder to steal, they have turned to stealing bikes which is now horrendous in the UK.

    I now carry one of these disc locks as it takes up minimal room on short trips compared with a chain and fit it to the rear disc as it's awkward to get to with a cordless grinder and prevents the bike being pushed away by a scooter which seems to be the most common way to steal a bike these days.

    The beauty is, it's very sensitive to movement, so even trying to touch it will set it off...........and it's pretty loud.

    Great value.
    Name:  Disc Lock.JPG
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    Fingers crossed for those affected that some good news may just be around the corner.
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