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Thread: Horrible Noise On Start Up.

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    Re: Horrible Noise On Start Up.

    Quote Originally Posted by kevin bolden View Post
    Still kicking this problem around, and having You tubed 'Harley hot start problem'? it keeps coming up with the compensator assy. So now do I go Screaming Eagle or the Baker conversion? The bikes 07 Dyna FXDC and I'm led to believe I don't just need the compensator assy at $499.00 but more! later models may not? Anyone whos gone this route who can give advice would be much appreciated
    I think this hot start prob is different from the original posters stripped teeth.. starter probs.
    However on my 2010 RK and my 2005 1200 I have the hot start engine destructo problems.
    I fitted the screaming eagle compensator (in the RK) as I’d read this cured it for some peeps. 1st off the ride with the new compensator is much nicer, pick up is super good and whole thing feels far more controlled in the primary. However I do still have the odd hot start shananagans. All be it much quieter and less destructive sounding. But never the less still there. My next idea is to fit decompressors which I’ll do, when I do some engine upgrades.
    May work for u ( new compensator) did not totally cure it for me although because I’m thinking of upgrading the engine it’s another job done ready. And did improve things.
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    OMG it started !!!!!

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    Re: Horrible Noise On Start Up.

    I have now replaced the following parts & made it to the internatonal rally & back without any problems so far, touch wood.
    Battery & starter motor cables.
    Starter relay.
    Starter motor
    Jack shaft & pinion
    Replaced the 102 tooth ring gear for an 84 tooth ring gear.

    I know its not a good scientific way to find out what the actual cause of the problem was but I couldnt carry on replacing parts only to have them fail because that part wasnt the cause.

    Personally I think the most likely suspect was the starter motor.

    Anyway I wanted to go to Llangollen, which was great.

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