This coming Thursday will probably be the most important meeting of the year and I request maximum attendance for those that are able to attend to do so. Weather forecast is looking good, so a pleasant spring evening journey to the Merriemeade should be a welcomed bonus.
There will be a couple of short presentations on the proposed rally sites for 2019, followed by a discussion on the future storage of the bar equipment etc.
Also being discussed will be the final preparations for the clubs attendance at the International Rally next month, followed by final details of our planned mini rally / party at the Merriemeade - which follows the weekend after the International.
Apart from AOB - we will also gauge the appetite for holding a Christmas party. Note: the decision taken last year was to not continue going to the motel near Exeter, majority of whom also liked the idea of avoiding the busy December period and collectively opted to do something in the New Year instead. Thus, quite a sizeable group of us celebrated the end of the old year and start of the new by attending the much enjoyed Dreckley party with our Cornish friends / neighbours. That said, we've traditionally had the opportunity to do both and if there is sufficient interest and enthusiastic support to attend our own bash - then we need to address quickly before venues and bands etc. become fully booked.
I can't stress enough the importance of attending this months meeting, its your opportunity to shape how we go forward. Social media such as the forum or FB are no substitute to holding a frank & honest face to face meeting among fellow members. Its your club, what the R12 Committee does or does not do should be directed by you the membership, underpinned by your commitment to support and assist if required.