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Thread: Oil Filters

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    Re: Oil Filters

    Quote Originally Posted by mr. pitts View Post
    So what do you buy then, Tom?
    This is the K&N listing but I can get locally too. Use their dealer finder page - or order on line

    If you click the product number it gives some details. It shows that the evo does not have a drain back valve but the twin cam does. I think it's true to say that all filters have the bypass valve in case it becomes blocked so that you still get oil circulation.

    Don't think I'll ever buy the SS 171 though, lol
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    Re: Oil Filters

    Hi John, this could turn into another chapter of the old 20-50 / straight 50 debate/argument. I made notes from a S&S site a few years ago and they said 10 microns was best for a twin cam as it has smaller oil ways but in evos the oil would not return quick enough and recommended (dare I say it ) 30 microns.
    And of course the first ( and perhaps all, but I'm not sure ) evo bottom end was the last shovel bottom end.
    So if it's specked for a late shovel it should be good for a early, or even all evos.
    Hope to bump into you and Angie somewhere this year.
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