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Thread: '73 & Later swing-arm width, FX, FLH

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    '73 & Later swing-arm width, FX, FLH

    The bald fact alone that an E-bay item exerted so powerful an attraction as to coax a C-note out of my skinny, shallow pocket, is worthy of the notice and homage of nations....... perhaps.
    Just secured this one,
    (Edit..... I went back to verify the link(s) and...) bugger all! they've already taken the link & item down. Just bought it an hour and a half ago. Too fast by half.
    Oh well, I'll put up a pic when it gets here.

    My 84 came with a belt (shudder) on the rear. Not one to sit still in the face of such an affront in mechanical form, I took remedy with a proper chain & sprocket.
    The stock s/a on her is eat-up at the inside (on both sides) where the axle goes thru, from the prior owners (3 at last count) over-torquing/misalignment of spacers, etc., etc.. Just like all the ones I've come across at the local jumbles. For the last few years. Like this one,

    Note on on the magnify how chewed up the inside of the left side is.
    I think the chrome job will remedy that form of blues anyhow.

    But enough palaver.
    According to folk better informed than myself, the belt s/a is a slightly (but significantly) wider than the chain drive one. I did have a link to a technical paper on this very thing but the lighting storm of '17 killed it, photos, et al.

    Does then, anyone have any info to share on what to look out for when switching from belt s/a to a chain s/a? There was an alignment issue I had to deal with because of swapping the rosary-top tranny to a rachet-lid one. The Scriptures also note some few parts on the wheel assy of the [late] 84 FXWG Belt set up, like spacers, that aren't for others.... or something.

    As always, help & tips welcome.

    edit: 19/7/18, 1600Z, Houston, the swingarm has landed.
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    Re: '73 & Later swing-arm width, FX, FLH

    I think that it's down to alignment, but the inner primary on a ''final belt drive'' Shovelhead is always a different part number to the chain-drive version.

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