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Thread: Brilliant Cornish Cream

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    Brilliant Cornish Cream

    Just got back from the Cornish Cream Rally, its been six years since the last one and this was no different. Well organised, great facilities, plenty of interesting stalls, good beer,music and best of all the company of all who attended from far and wide! Well done to Essjay and R30 / Kernow Riders, you did the club / Federation proud. It was a great turnout, with folk from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England and Spain! The weather coming home today was bloody awful, some of the worst riding in summer I've endured for a long time, terrential rain, strong winds etc - but I rode with a smile on my face, you know when you've been to something special, its worth the discomfort!
    Anyway, on behalf of R12 I'd like to thank the Cornish crew - if this really is the last Cream Rally (I hope not) but if it is you finished in style - brilliant!

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    Re: Brilliant Cornish Cream

    Yes a great rally albeit I and a few other wussed out and went home yesterday, I really didn't want to ride all those miles in the predicted severe weather conditions with an open face helmet and my glasses and over glasses steaming up.

    Thanks Essjay and the crew for all your hard work, hope it's not the last.

    Some photos here on Facebook. Click on the highlighted text below.

    Cornish Cream Rally 2018

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