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Thread: A video record of our year round these parts.... 2018

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    A video record of our year round these parts.... 2018


    Review of 2018
    Sorry, people - I deleted the original straight away as I saw that the video was blocked because of some music copyright issues. So I've re-edited it all. But it is becoming a bit of an issue, I suppose, as digital watermarking or whatever it's called, becomes more widespread. I did enjoy putting these vids together with a bit of music, but it is becoming a bit more time-consuming trying to find stuff that doesn't get blocked. So they may become a little less frequent now. Anyway, it's sorted, re-posted, tho' it wasn't my initial choice of music/synch, some pics have gone and it has few more family/non HD pics included.....! Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas x

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