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Thread: Cooked Barrels

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    Cooked Barrels

    Gutted !

    Went on the Ride for Soldier F yesterday in London.
    Coming in from the west when we started hitting the really congested areas Brompton Road etc.
    I realised that there was an hellish amount of serious heat coming from my engine. This got worse and by the time i got to Park lane i noticed whisps of smoke coming off the front pot and exhaust header....

    Stopped cooled it down then rejoined the ride but was running rough as a badgers arse. Cooled it down again then rode it back home.

    Thick oil residue all over front down tubes and front pot on inspection. Compression test shows 105/110 front and 125/140 on the rear (cold then warm check)......bugger.

    It's gonna have to get ripped down and I'm hoping the barrels can get saved with a hone and a fresh set of rings but as an aside I've been looking at an SnS 107 big bore kit.

    Has anyone from the group used the SnS 107 kit (Bike is an 2010 Ultra)??

    Spoilt a great day but what's done is done !!

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    Re: Cooked Barrels

    I'm not clear on what happened here - you blew a front head gasket? If you have then you should be able to hear it. Unless it siezed the liners should clean up with a hone and as you say a new set of rings. If you do go with a big bore kit I would go to the SE 110 rather than the S & S 107. You would also need a later closing cam profile to bleed off some of the compression. The excees heat being generated is more than likely caused by a lean mixture if you're running a stock tune ...

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