I have a problem....the standard 60 thou washer is too thin to take up the 75 thou gap each side of the conn rod assembly.

Sourcing a suitable washer seems impossible, unless ones are made (also proving tricky), but it occurs to me - is it a crank pin problem?

The bike is a 1980 FXS. The engine predates the 1981 change of pin and the replacement pin has the oilway in the correct place for matching up to the supply oilway on the taper. The crank pin thread sits snug above the external face of the flywheel (and so the crank nuts tighten securely). The taper appears correct for year.

Is it really a washer issue? Or is it a crank pin problem I just can't see? I worry that solving one problem - the display gap - will just give me another as the completed crank assembly won't fit in the cases.

Anyone else had a similar problem and got a solution?