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Thread: Useful engineering shop

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    Useful engineering shop

    Not so much a tech tip as a pointer...following lots of attempts to get a shop that would manufacture small, limited run parts (less than 5) I struck gold with the following people:

    Neeco Engineering
    2 Monk Rd, Somercotes, Alfreton DE55 7RL

    Useful if you need something you can't buy or make yourself. They are very helpful.

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    Re: Useful engineering shop

    to add to this, another source for one-off, bespoke parts, repair work, mods etc.

    One Off Welding and Engineering.
    Barnsley, south Yorks.

    a one man operation, machine-shop, welding and fabrication.
    working with paul the proprietor i have had head machining, frame work/mods, adaptors and case repairs.
    first class work. my go-to place for stuff i can't do myself.

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