For me it's what you like when you like.
First thing is a brew before going to have a shower/wash.
There's not many UK cooked breakfasts that I like at rallies I'm too fussy at the best it's an Asda quality, I prefer freshly cooked and quality ingredients.
I'll do a couple of slices of toast, they can wait until the smoked bacon gets turned over that's when the eggs go in. I'll then have a very nice, that I want breakfast.
Cleaning is easy I just use a wet wipe and dispose in the bin liner, then a water and washing up liquid filled hollowed handle with a scrourer at the end. (£1 in Poundland)
It's not about saving money, certainly not but I'm camping and I enjoy doing it and having exactly what I want and cooked how I like it.
Lunch is light, just a sandwich because I like to get a few of us together to have a cook up, this involves copious amounts of wine, beer whatever people want, along with quality meats, salads and French bread. Condiments from your local supermarket cafe and it's party time from about 4 pm. After a great session, tidy up then the evening starts there. But by midnight munchies and maybe look for the on site burger van.
This is all very well if you have room to pack a stove, fuel, and all the other bits and pieces.
All to their own, if you enjoy doing it do it, some people do need to save the pennies so don't knock it just enjoy going to the rally and do your own thing.
Love your local supermarket cafe...
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