Short shots are the typical sportster pipe upgrade as they are inexpensive and loud. There are better options out there. I like 2:1 systems, less common and nicer to look at. When I converted my Sportster to a 48" look-a-like, I went this route.

The 48 has shorter rear shocks (11") which means your tyre will be rubbing on the inside of the fender on max compression and the bike will be grounding out over imperfect road surfaces. Adding a pillion to this will make for an uncomfortable ride.

A more subtle set of mods would be a set of Kellerman (or whatever) micro indicators and combines stop/turn/rear light sets. These will slim down the lines of your bike and make it look sleeker.

Tank range on the 48 is around 85 miles, due to the smaller peanut tank.

I'd suggest you ride it and decide what mods to make after you have covered 1000 miles and know the bike. It might be that you want something different.