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Thread: Corvid 19

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    Corvid 19

    Just a quick note for our members, Hovver will make a decision on our club meeting over the next few days relating to our meeting wed night.
    It seems like the pub is being the issue, as no group meets allowed.

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    Re: Corvid 19

    I read an article written by a retired Doctor he said that during the 1950s and 60s many people with underlying health issues died through the flue virus, he said that if Corvid 19 had existed back then it would have gone down as a flu virus and the world would have carried on as per normal, but today we have many forms of media that keep us informed of this current virus which has caused major world wide issues. As he stated information on this scale is dangerous and a form of ignorance is bliss so to speak.

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    Re: Corvid 19

    USA figures today - 18000 dead from flu this winter, 310000 it out
    Only dead fish swim with the tide

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