The funeral for Ray Sims is to be held tomorrow (7/4/20)
I ask that no club members attend due to current government advice, however you may wish to have a while in reflection at 2PM tomorrow.
A memorial event will take place at some time in the future, notification will be sent to you by e-mail and listed on the West Country section of the H-DRCGB forum.

The family would like any donations to go to the Southwestern Ambulance Charity.

Donations can be made directly online, or by cheque payable to :
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Fund

The address is
South Western Ambulance Charity
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Abbey Court
Eagle Way

Alternatively, for the next month, you can donate via the funeral director by cheque payable to :
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Fund

The address is
Wayne Kelly Independent Funeral Directors
R20 Marshall Way, Commerce Park,
Frome BA11 2FE

Suggest you include a covering note saying "In memory of Ray Sims" or something similar.

A few words about Ray.

When I first met Ray I had a Sportster and was outside on my drive with it when he walked by. He stopped and started asking questions and in the course of the conversation he told that he about to buy one. A few weeks later I saw him ride by on his new bike so I knocked on his door and invited him along to a meeting as a few of us were trying to resurrect the Riders Club in our area. This would have been Spring 2005. Following this, we rode many miles together and Ray went on to become our region's treasurer.

It turned out that in his younger days he participated in a bit motocross (or scrambling as it was then known). In his own words, when this started to hurt, he switched to the much less frantic activity of trials. Many years later I witnessed his off roading skills when we rode to the Popham Megameet and were caught in a torrential downpour on the way. We were directed to park our bikes at the top of a sloping field which was all wet grass and mud. I crept gently up the hill but Ray just gunned it and fishtailed all the way up. (This was on his Fatboy). When I commented on his tactics for ascending the hill he just laughed and said "Momentum is everything".

In recent years he wasn't able to ride much due to his illness but a couple of years ago did manage help me out when I needed to get my Dyna back after having a new tyre fitted. I was recovering from an operation and couldn't ride so I took Ray in the car and he rode my bike back. It was his first time on a 103 Dyna so I told him to ride it like he stole it and I'm pleased to say that he did. I never did get to hear what my bike sounds like from behind, he was long gone. His last ride with the club was "Meet the Neighbours", our visit to Region 7 in South Wales. I know that he really enjoyed that ride. Unfortunately after that he wasn't well enough to participate in any more bike events.

I don't need to tell you all what a diamond he was, anyone that met him would see that straight away. We're all going to miss him, but as they say, "gone but never forgotten".
R.I.P. Ray