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Thread: Triple rally 2020

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    Triple rally 2020

    Hi all,
    Following Mondays Announcement from the government, speaking to fellow reps from Three county borders, London region, Coasters committee and Langney sports manager time has come to make the decision regarding this years triple rally.
    So without further ado it is with regret that the Triple will not be going ahead this coming July.
    sorry to be the bearer of bad news but realistically think most of us were expecting it.
    stay safe everyone
    until we meet again
    Jim region 18 rep

    Region 18 Rep Sussex Coasters

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    Re: Triple rally 2020

    Thanks for putting this up for us Jim ,like you say it was a difficult decision to make but the right one due to the current situation.
    Roll on 2021 .
    Mike. London Region Rep

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    Re: Triple rally 2020

    Sad, but not unexpected, as Paul P said on the Coasters site, "we'll have to enjoy the 2021 Triple Rally twice as much". Personally, that shall be 3 times as much! I was planning on getting the engraved trophies and plaques done at the start of the year, but never got my finger out to do it; luckily as the shop is quite a long way from where I live. Otherwise we would have been stuck with the 2020 date!

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