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Thread: Rideout Sunday 28th.

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    Rideout Sunday 28th.

    Is anyone interested in a ride out next Sunday, if the weathers OK ?

    All we need are a few ideas (see below for mine).
    All we have to do is pick one and then arrange a meeting place and time (make sure you have a full tank).

    My ideas :

    Trough of Bowland (at end near Lancaster, either do a U-turn and return the same way we came
    or continue on A roads to Blackpool).
    I'll explain the full route if this is chosen), this for me this is just over 120 miles.
    Meet at Tickled Trout Services (J31 M6), the time to be set.

    Devils Bridge, (A59 to Gisburn then onto the A682, along to the A65 and on and up to the Bridge).
    This is about 130 miles (ish).
    Meet at Tickled Trout Services (J31 M6), the time to be set.
    An alternative route to the A59 for me is through Bolton, Hawkshaw, Ramsbottom to the A56
    along then through Read / Simonstone to the A59, then as above.
    Meeting under J4 M61, I'll explain the route if this way is chosen.

    When I go for a ride I don't stop until I'm home, unless I'm going to somewhere such as Llangollen or
    Llandudno, Buxton, Matlock, etc.

    And as most places are only just opening, I'm not inclined to stop anywhere.

    So there you have it.

    Add your route ideas to the thread and we can chose one.

    For all those new club/forum members join in the thread the more ideas the more rideouts we can have.
    As there only 21 weekends to the end of October.
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