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Thread: Bought me owld Buell back.

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    Bought me owld Buell back.

    During the early lockdown months I was doing some work on my Springer and decided it needed a stablemate in the shed. Something I could just get on and ride whilst the Springer was out of use.

    I was talking to my mate Geoff and he said I could buy my old Buell back from him for the same price he'd payed for it when he bought it off me a few years earlier. This bike has a history between us. I bought it new in 2008, but due to financial difficulties Geoff became the registered keeper in 2010. I then got it back later that year. Then in 2016 I sold it back to him. I have now bought it back. It has had 5 owners from new, me 3 times and Geoff twice.

    Getting back on it was like putting on an old pair of slippers, a perfect fit and instantly comfortable.

    It still looks great for being 12 years old. I put the big screen back on as Geoff had taken it off and rode it with the original small fly screen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It didn't take me long to refit the chin spoiler, Tuono mirrors and the panniers.

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    Out and about.

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    It's a great feeling to have my old friend back.

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    Re: Bought me owld Buell back.

    well done for getting it back Mick. Just sold my second one on as it was sitting in the corner getting ignored since I got the FXR and needed a list of things doing to it that i really didnt want to start on.
    I dont doubt i will have another one day when i have the room for more bikes than I need

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    Re: Bought me owld Buell back.

    Love these Buells....rode one years ago, loved it, but never bought one. Maybe one day.

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    Re: Bought me owld Buell back.

    Many years back I blagged from HD UK an S3 Thunderbolt press bike for the weekend ("..and something for the weekend sir?..") which really impressed me, including finding I was doing 115mph without realising it!! Anyway, when I took it back they asked if I wanted to buy it cheap but I stupidly didn't even ask how much (I was more concerned about keeping my license!) and anyway I didn't have any funds. Told my mate who then said he'd have sponsored it to share the profit from selling it but by then it was too late. It left enough of an impression that I do find myself wondering what if I'd kept it.

    (it could have been dirt cheap because they discontinued the S3 the next year..?)

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    Re: Bought me owld Buell back.

    Always liked them and that one is a great looking example.
    Keep on Keeping On

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    Re: Bought me owld Buell back.

    I remember when you first got that in 2008 Mick, nice one mate.
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