Newsletter Region 29 North Wales and Shropshire
November 2020

Regional Meets

A mixed bag still for our Region with Wales open for business to a greater extent and Shropshire still locked down.

England: A lot has been said about riding a motorcycle in this time. Some basic research into the legal standing of this for England suggests that riding a motorcycle is recreation and that is allowed, but you do so at your own risk as not every law enforcement officer may have the same understanding.

No Club or Region event or Meet is sanctioned in England.

One of many useful links on the subject is:

Wales: Unrestricted travel within Wales is allowed and some restrictions for meeting up. No more than 4 people from different households/bubbles can meet indoors, maintaining social distancing. You can meet them outdoors, but not in private gardens, maintaining social distancing.

No Club or Region event or Meet is sanctioned in Wales. Some of you will have informal get togethers to ride and meet, which are at your own risk.

Christmas Party

It’s a sad realisation that we are not going to be holding our annual January Christmas Party, BUT we have plans to hold a Spring Party instead. There is little point in choosing a date or venue yet, but we hope to do that by the New Year. We will keep you posted.

2021 Events

You will have seen from the latest edition of the ‘quin that the Club has the usual number of Rallies planned to hold or to attend. As a Region we usually support a number of these and of course we can attend as many or as few as we want. For newer members, ones particularly to look forward to, where a good representation from our region can be found, include;

  • Drover’s Rally, Llandovery, 23-25th April.
  • Lakes Rally (The International “Big One”), Kirkby Lonsdale, 2-4th July.
  • And of course: Our own Tiddly Camping Weekend, 4-6th June, Royal Oak (The Tiddly), Ellerdine Heath, Telford. Watch out for tickets being released as it is a small venue.
  • We also attend the national Club’s AGM, 13th March, Market Harborough RC.

There is a fair few more that members attend, and we will post who’s going to what as the event nears. There are also few local events that our own members want to put on next year, although the dates haven’t been decided yet. These are:

  • Anglesey Camping weekend, Possibly at Y Ring Pub.
  • Mid Wales Camping Weekend at a Bikers Accommodation camping site.
  • End of Season Party at Ludlow Brewery.

Recent Club News

Some of you might have picked about resignations from the National Club Committee. These things happen, it’s a huge Club with a great variety of people. As a regional committee, Region 29 is pretty much self-governing, but we fully support the democratic processes of the national Club.

The annual Officers’ Meeting was held virtually 31st October and the minutes are on the Club Forum. We’ve aimed to summarise the main points/actions in our view here for you, but please do read them as you like.

  • Resignations discussed in detail. Chair of H-DRCGB requested a vote of confidence be taken in the Club Chair and President. Passed unanimously.

  • The Region 29 2022 International Rally clashes with Sweden Super Rally – Note from Al Lloyd. THIS HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED TO 9-13th JUNE 2022.

  • New Products (Club Merchandise) Officer is “Garf” (Mark Garland).

  • The Stay/Leave the Federation vote was discussed - agreed that the vote of the 2019 Officers Meeting is upheld, that the Club stays in the Federation. “Unless a member wishes to raise the issue at a future AGM the item is closed.”

  • Regional Reps to continue to have voting rights at Committee meetings.

  • Request for Club Membership Secretary – all Regions to ask members if they are interested.

  • Profits from COVID-19 PPE production to go to charity.

  • Request for a reduction in the membership fee due to 2020 restrictions to be taken to March 2021 Club AGM.

Privacy Rules

We’ve been thinking about how we contribute items to the ‘quin and typically if an item or pic is on Region 29 Facebook page, we will use them. If anyone does not want to be featured in the 'quin, please let one of us know – emails below.

If an item or pic is on your own Facebook Page and we see it and thinks it’s of interest to the readers, we’ll message you to ask if we can use it.

Please continue to send us and suggests things to us too!

Our Website

Our Region Website is down, and we are looking into the issue. Apologies for this.

Stay safe and keep in touch and don’t forget to renew your membership if due in December!