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Thread: £5000 for info leading to a conviction or return of the bikes.

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    £5000 for info leading to a conviction or return of the bikes.

    Eight motocross bikes stolen from Pidcock Honda - | Motorbike reviews | Latest Bike Videos | MCN

    not club related but

    Hey All
    Please take the time to help us fight these loosers who just keep on getting away with taking from those of us who work hard through blood sweat and tears to get what we want. Please take a second to read this and forward it to your friends and spread the word. There is a reward of £5000 for info leading to a conviction or return of the bikes.

    We are a small company. Just set up this year and have worked really really hard to drive it forward giving people from all walks of life to try the buzz of off road riding. (Mick Extance Off Road Experience)

    On Friday we had the PR launch of our Motocross school and the launch of the amazing new Honda CRF 250R at the Fat Cat Motocross Parc nr Doncaster.

    It was a brilliant day and we were all very proud to be part of it. The media loved the school and the bikes. Our first school with the new bikes was due to be on Tuesday and we were good to go after an excellent first outing.

    Sadly, that night, we were the victims of an organised crime ring. The bikes were followed back to their storage place (an hour away) and 8 of them were taken later that night. They went to great lenghts to get to these bikes and we are pleased to say no one was hurt. However, things could have been very different(and very nearly were!). Due to a technicality we will not be receiving an insurance pay out and so we have just had £40,000 taken away from us.

    We have not given up on these bikes just yet and we are asking all of you for your help to stamp on these guys who have tried to steal the heart out of our business. They nearly suceeded but we are not finished with yet. We hope that there are enough people out there, especially bikers, who have had enough of these scum bags getting away with it and will take a second to forward this on to others. After all, we are all linked in some way or other and we might just reach that one person who happened to see something, hear something, whatever!!

    These bikes are rare as they have just been launched in this country (by us that day!!). They are fuel injected CRF 250R's. The old version was not fuel injected.

    We are offering a reward of £5000 to anyone with information leading to a conviction or the return of the bikes. If you require any further information or have any, then please contact me on my mobile 07809 464050.

    In the meantime we are working hard to ensure business as usual.

    For those of you booked on to a Motocross school in the next 2 weeks. We still have a 250R and a 450R for you to try. However, the rest of the bikes will be made up from the 250 and 450X range.

    The Enduro schools in Wales are running as normal. We are using borrowed vans to get our bikes there as our truck was badly damaged in the robbery. That wont stop us though.

    Please forward this message and let all your friends know. If you are on twitter etc please share this information on there as well. Who knows what might happen!!

    Thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts

    Mick Extance Off Road Experience
    Mick Extance Offroad Experience
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