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ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) Was Originally Designed To Protect Aircraft From Existing & New Corrosion & Is Now Available For Motorcycles Approved For Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals,Electrical Systems & Electronic Components When Applied ACF-50 Forms An 'Active' Ultra-Thin Clear Film That Will Kill Any Existing Corrosion Cells & Will Protect Your Bike Against New Corrosion Forming. On Areas Such As Switches Or Under The Tank & Seat, One Application Will Last Up To 12 Months. Other More Exposed Areas Will Need Topping Up More Regularly Ideal For Bikes That Are Used All Year Round If You Put Your Bike Away For The Winter, Applying ACF-50 Will Ensure That Moisture Will Not Be Allowed To Cause Any Damage!
Just remember don't spray, it is best to spray on a good soft rag and wipe over paint and chrome, also gently spray into lid and paint on areas you can't get to with the cloth.

That way it will last a lot longer. Keep the same rag in a plastic bag between use.